Day 4: 30 day Eating from home and clean challenge!

Helloooo everyone! I am plain exhausted today. Ughhh 😦

I might over dose on caffeine today. I have a bad headache. Maybe its the weather. Its almost fall but not quite there.

Okay the morning is usual:

  1. 1 cup water with 2 tsp ACV (bragg’s)
  2. 2 egg whites boiled with 1 whole egg
  3. 1 piece of fresh coconut. (small piece – 3 gms)
  4. Peets coffee with hazelnut creamer with a small chocolate biscotti. ( I needed it this morning)

10 AM: I step out of office and buy some more coffee (hazelnut flavor, add 1 tsp half and half and no sugar)


I have left overs from cooking Tuscan kale, Quinoa and  I got some chicken tenders (3) on side. Also I have a small Mung sprout salad to go with it. I made the mung sprouts at home using my mung sprout maker.

Snack: I skipped my protein shake today, instead had a bottle of water. I was that thirsty. However, I went home and had my indian chai 🙂 I had a rough day and this chai helped me relax.

I geared up to to gym around 6 pm. Went for my kickboxing class at 6 30, and ran a mile on the treadmill after my one hour class. This would be my last run before my first 5k this Sunday.

Dinner: I was not hungry at all. I had some Indian Khichdi. Its a mixture of Dal and rice cooked with spices in a pressure cooker. I had a cup of home made yogurt with it.

Somehow, I gathered up an appetite for dessert (typical me). I had to stop by my local Shoppers to get something after gym so I picked up some Latte flavor weight watchers icecream. I honestly thought the bar was way too huge for me, so maybe next time I will freeze the half for next use. (gross right!!! or maybe throw it. haha! :D)

I am posting this on Friday, and today is going to be hard as its food truck Friday in DC. I love food truck food.