Hi! I have started this blog to remind me how far I have come in my journey to being fit (my heaviest being 190 lbs). I have always been a heavy girl from childhood. My friends and family used to call me “fatty” with love during my younger days. Being born and brought up in India for the first 18 years of my life staying with my family,  my mom made sure I was exercising and being fed nutritious food most of the time (which helped a lot because I had no idea what I was eating half of the time). Things changed when I moved here to the States for school. Freshman 15 happened (more like freshman 30 for me) as I was taken aback with the variety of food we get here. Everything seemed fantastic until I saw the rise of muffin top in my jeans. After a while they wouldn’t button anymore. Instead of realizing what I was doing to my body, I thought of this as an opportunity to buy new jeans. (yes, I do love to shop). This cycle of buying new clothes continued until I was almost getting ready to have a formal engagement ceremony with the love of my life (Indians have a full blown engagement party, where we exchange rings in front of 200 people- I know, how romantic!). When the pictures of that party were finally ready for us to view , I was in shock! I never knew I looked that FAT until I saw myself in those pictures. Those pictures opened my eyes and hence kick started my fat loss journey. However, I still didn’t look perfect in my wedding pictures (which took place 3 months later), but now I have the perfect guy in the world who has helped me come this far. This wouldn’t be possible at all without his love, support and faith in me (Hubby, I love you).

Now, almost 11 months later I have dropped about 20 lbs, gained 10 lbs of muscle and dropped 2 sizes. (from XL to a M). Slowly, my goals have changed from wanting to be 140 lbs to squatting 140 lbs (hence the name for this blog) This is just a start of my journey and I decided to document it, hoping to inspire people around me that its never too late to start taking a control of your life. 

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