My workouts

As you guys have read, I have been blogging about my food a lot. To achieve a healthy weight loss that is sustainable, you have to incorporate three things:

  1. Nutritious food
  2. Cardiovascular exercises, known as Cardio.
  3. Weight Lifting

This post is going to consist of my cardio and weight lifting and how I modify as I get leaner.

When I first started going to the gym I could not run for more than a minute on speed 4.8 mph and always did the elliptical or stair master. (Used to avoid stair master too, as that is brutal even till today.)

Now my running has become way better, I can run a mile non stop and can run a 5k in 37 minutes which includes my warm up and cool down. My pace is about 12 minute mile. I have broken down my exercise regimen for you guys and can give you ideas.

Monday: I run about 1- 1.5 mile and do upper body weight training (arms, chest, back )

Tuesday: I run a mile and do 1 hour yoga. I have just incorporated yoga after my surgery as it helped me open my body and feel comfortable despite having a wound.

Wednesday: I run a mile and do some lower body workout. Squats/legpress/hamstring curls adn then hop on the stair master and climb about 30-40 floors.

Thursday: I usually have my body combat class this day but I avoid it have made it my rest day. I am still far from kicking and being back to 100%

Friday: Fridays I like to keep my workout short and simple – HIIT. 30 mins +some core and I am done and out of the gym.

Saturday: Saturdays I have my trainer at 8 am. He makes me do full body workouts for an hour.

Sunday: This day is my relaxing day but yet active. I usually run outside or go run a slow and nice 5k on the treadmill.

So I try and run 8- 10 miles a week. I really enjoy running but I try and switch it up for my body to not get used to.

In my next post, I can explain how I do my HIIT, weight lifting and reps and counts. Until then, Happy lifting 🙂


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