A week update on food and my challenge

Sorry I have been MIA lately. Work has been rather busy. I have been mostly on point with eating at home. Yes, I did cheat as I am a social person. I like to go out and meet my friends and plus my husband loves to go out and enjoy a glass of beer and expects me to accompany him with a glass of wine (which I did and also had nachos from outside 😦 they were so good!!!)
So anyways the menu has been the same, but instead of eating meat this week, I am vegetarian. ( just a cleanse for my body and also religious days of fasting have started)
I have replaced my meat with boiled kidney beans, mung sprouts and lot of lentil soup, chickpeas and greens.
Today’s menu looks like this.
1. Breakfast consisted of trader joe’s quinoatmeal with a cup of coffee (peets) and hazelnut creamer.
2. Mid morning snack for today is Protein shake: I got a sample of Tera’s whey dark chocolate powder from whole foods yesterday.
3. Lunch is mung bean sprout salad with kidney beans, red cabbage and corn
4.Also Ezekiel wrap with tofu and lettuce.

Dinner will consist of:

  1. Chickpeas in curry (channa masala)
  2. Tofu sauteed with Tomatoes, peppers, onions and Indian spices.

Also, I have lost approximately 3 lbs from eating at home in 2 weeks. I also run about 8 miles a week + HIIT 1x a week and weight lift heavy 2x a week. I also ran my first 5k past Sunday and it was a blast!

My total loss as of today is 23 lbs in 10 months. This includes my time away from gym during surgery (about a month). I went down from 38 percent body fat to 29 percent. I have to get measured again this Saturday and shall update my blog.

Thanks for reading and I promise to write more. Hopefully some of you get inspired. 🙂


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