Day 5: 30 day Eating from home and clean challenge!

Hello my readers 🙂

Today is Friday. One of my favorite days. I also got my iphone 6 today while my husband got his iphone 6 plus.  Indeed a good day. I also had my skirt chewed up by union station DC escalator. It was my fav skirt. 😦

Anyways so I woke up, and skipped my usual ACV today. I didn’t want to.

I got my breakfast usual, 2 boiled eggs, Peets french w/ hazelnut. I also grabbed a banana and put me some greek yogurt (non fat plain) about 1/2 a cup in a to go bowl. So that was my breakfast: 21 gms of protein.

I was so cold today at lunch and I had packed a salad. I knew I had to get me some soup. I am counting liquids not a part of this challenge. So I got me some Moroccan lentil soup from Pret a manager.

Also I had packed me some salad (lettuce with spinach) with 3 chicken tenders with red onion. Dressing: white balsamic with Garlic spiced EVOO + salt + basil + dill seasonings.

I might go home and have my protein shake today. If I feel like it 🙂

Dinner: I skipped my desire to go out and eat. I make home cooked chick peas for the familia. (Indian channa masala) with some yummy tandoori Roti. It was so good. Everyone enjoyed their Friday meal.



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