A year on!

Very Inspiring.


So approximately a year ago I started ‘again’ in my quest to become ‘skinny’. All I ever wanted was a tiny waist and a thigh gap! So much has changed since then and although I haven’t reached my destination I realise that it’s ok to look just so. It’s ok to have hips… Yes I said hips! It’s ok not to be ‘perfect’ every day.
I live a life now where I’m consistently good 90% of the time. I don’t fluctuate from 110% to 50% to falling completely off the wagon for three weeks at a time.
We all want a quick fix , it doesn’t exist . I used to have a love hate relationship with my trainer, I thought I could shock him with super fast progress. He’d be amazed when worked out and starved and reached a size 10! How wrong was I? I failed, crashed and…

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